Health Conditions

Please notify your Bliss professional of any topical allergies or sensitivities you may have upon arrival. If you are pregnant, nursing, had a recent surgery or any other health conditions that will affect your service we also ask that you inform us.

No Shows and Late Arrivals

Please be courteous of our time and other clients coming in after you. If you arrive 20 minutes past your appointment time or more we reserve the right to reschedule your service(s) and charge you 50% of service(s) booked OR we will render your service to accommodate the allotted time left and you will be responsible for 100% of your service charge. No shows will automatically be billed for 100% of services booked and no other appointments will be made until it is paid in full. While we understand emergencies happen, we have a policy in place to ensure we keep our business running smoothly.

Personal Belongings

Bliss Skin Spa & Salon and it's affiliate's are not responsible for any personal items brought onto our property.

Returns and Refunds

We cannot refund service amounts or pre-paid services and/or gift certificates. If you are unhappy with your service(s), please express this to us before leaving from your appointment and we will work to resolve it.

Product(s) purchased at Bliss may be returned for a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase. A 90% refund if used less than 25% of the entire bottle after the 7 days. If more than 25% of the product has been used no refund will be issued.